Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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I have not written much here for a long time. My apologies. Here are some whiz-bang high production-value elaborations as to why:
Meeting my Lovely Wife, Tricia (and Subsequent Adventures, Wedding planning, Wedding, Honeymoon, Married life, etc.)
Love and I rammed into each other head-first back in late 2008. Since then, most of my writing has ended up on our own blog, Silly Red Robot, and as such my usual thoughts and research about puppetry, corporations, creativity, technology, music had been replaced with "What fun things am I going to do with my wife today?", "How are we going to organize our living room?" and "I need to fire our wedding planner today."

Yes, that vacuum-cleaner of attention span, that social etiquette centrifuge has sucked away my travel photos and flung most of my random thoughts and status updates to far-flung acquaintances, in-laws and distant cousins in India.

A Lack of Focus
When I started the blog, I basically used it as a diary, a place to record thoughts and ideas, a repository for random stuff I found online, an excuse to write, and a way to be funny.

Friends who have started blogs around the same time as me have generally converged onto a niche focus. One writes about his splendid toy collection and keeps his focus around character design and movies. Another is entirely devoted to puppetry and covers a lot more than I've been doing. Meanwhile, strangers have started blogs that have morphed into online magazines covering electronic music, the Muppets, Pixar, and other cool stuff.

So I may keep this blog up for the random and difficult to classify stuff, but ultimately it may be time to start up a specific one.

Trouble is, I like too many things. *sigh*

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